Chasing Butterflies Necklace


Chasing Butterflies Necklace

The focus of this necklace is the three different butterflies that I created in bronze metal clay. The butterflies were created in my studio and fired. I then tumbled the butterflies to work harden the them. Lastly, I polished the butterflies to a high shine on my buffing wheel and put a coat of natural beeswax on the pieces so that they won't oxidize or change your skin colors.

I used the butterflies that I created to a piece for the Art Bead Scene Challenge of July 2012. The theme of the challenge was to create a bracelet in blue for the 7000 bracelets. This organization was created to give hope to the thousands of people who have any number of diseases that aren't universally recognized. I personally am one of those thousands with an autoimmune disorder.

I understand this is a necklace but I wanted to create something beautiful that people with these afflicting diseases could wear to remind themselves that there is hope. That people do believe in them and in a cure.

The necklace features beautiful blue seaglass beads, bronze rings, pieces of shell, ceramic beads, and a shell button. Simply unique and one of a kind.

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